booksEye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy that enables people to heal from painful memories and flashbacks that are a result of disturbing life experiences.  Studies have shown that the use of EMDR can more rapidly heal these effects in ways that used to take years of talk therapy. By using eye movements that resemble the rapid eye movement (REM) we experience in our sleep, the brain is able to process emotionally overwhelming experiences in a new way.

When a person experiences a tragic event, the brain cannot fully comprehend what is happening. These experiences get “locked” in our minds as the brain constantly runs over and over the scenario attempting to make sense. This is referred to as a flashback, as people feel they are still “in” that experience.  Through the use of eye movement or bilateral stimulation, the brain develops new neuropathways in the prefrontal cortex. What was once a recurring “nightmare” can then be understood as a memory and new meaning can be made. You will no longer experience the visceral affects from the trauma.

I am a certified EMDR therapist.What that means is I have had Level 1 and 2 training as well as met the EMDRIA requirements to be certified. Check EMDRIA.org for more details.

I use EMDR in multiple ways:

PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, Grief and Loss, Addictive cravings including behavioral, drug or food,  Pain Management, Phobias and Binge Eating Disorders. I am constantly evolving in this practice to include other ways to use this modality to help my clients.


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